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Do you have a wooden fence that looks like it has been there since the 1920s and has never been cleaned? It is actually a common issue. Wood that is put outside for decorations, such as fences and decks needs some TLC also. Just like the exterior of your home is being bombarded by uncontrollable forces, your fences and decks are as well. Wood for fences are treated and oftentimes coated in paint or stain. This paint or stain is designed to provide some protection against the harsh elements of the environment, however, did you know that you should repaint or restain your wood every 2 to 3 years?

Paint and stain for the exterior only protect your wood for a short period of time. This can be lessened by things such as the hot Austin sun. When you have Ocean Blue come out, as we are cleaning, we will remove some of the contaminants that will decrease the longevity of your structures.

When it looks like your Austin TX Fence and or deck needs some attention, give us a call. Our Austin TX Deck Cleaning specialists will come out and bring revitalization back to your deck or fence. You do not need to spend hours on a sunny Saturday afternoon cleaning your deck! We will take care of it for you.

Sometimes, homeowners will choose to try the DIY method. While this is ok for some tasks, cleaning your fence or deck should not be one of them. Some things we should just leave to the professionals! The reason for this is simple. Oftentimes, homeowners will use the wrong chemical or the wrong pressure. TOo little pressure and your deck or fence will be nothing more than a sopping wet mess. Too much pressure and you can destroy your wood or the stain and paint that is protecting that wood.

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Another common mistake that homeowners and DIY persons will make is using the wrong chemical. People will often choose bleach for cleaning their deck or fence. This is not advisable. Bleach is a chemical designed to kill and eliminate organic material. What is wood? Yep! Wood is an organic material. Because of this, when using bleach on wooden surfaces, you are allowing that organic killer to sit and fester on your wood surface. Wood swells when allowed to have water sitting on it. As the wood swells, it is soaking in all of those chemicals that you have been using. This will decrease the longevity of your wooden fence or deck.

Here at Ocean Blue Power Wash, we will always do the best job that can be done. We have studied and trained. Our team of technicians undergoes vigorous training and testing to ensure that we are always providing you with the best deck or fence cleaning Austin TX. We will make sure that we are ONLY using products designed for your specific surface. As not all surfaces are the same, not all cleaners are the same.

We will also take the necessary steps to protect the vegetation around your home. Here at Ocean Blue Power Wash, we understand that you have to spend a lot of time and money on the landscaping of your home. We will take the necessary precautions to reduce the risk to your vegetation. Don’t leave your Curb Appeal up to just anyone. Here at Ocean Blue Power Wash, we always want your best foot forward! Call us today!