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Most of us have at least one room in our home that is carpeted. Many of us only have one or two rooms that AREN’T carpeted. Our cleaning routine for our floors with carpet usually looks something like this: vacuum up the dust and dirt. That’s it. That’s the extent of how many of us “clean” our carpets. Some of us may even buy or rent a personal use carpet cleaner and run that over our floors every once in a while. But is that enough? How clean are our carpets really getting from store-bought carpet cleaners and solutions? Little messes will probably be fine, but sometimes what you really need is a professional Austin Texas carpet cleaning service to get the job done the right way.

One common thing that tends to happen with a DIY is that the detergent from the carpet cleaning machine can actually stay in your carpet fibers. This will make your carpet a little sticky, allowing more dirt, dust, and grime to gather at what seems like a faster rate than before they were cleaned. Like most people, you will rent a machine again, and repeat the process of cleaning your Austin carpets and upholstery. Stop the cycle. One call to Ocean Blue Power Wash, and we will show you what a real Austin TX Carpet Cleaning is. They say bigger and better things come from Texas. Let us show you what bigger and better REALLY mean. One call for our Austin TX Carpet cleaning, and you will never DIY it again.

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Upholstery in Austin Texas

We have all found ourselves in need of some professional carpet cleaning Austin Texas. All those times when a cheap, rentable carpet shampooer just isn’t enough. No matter what the reason for needing a pro, Ocean Blue is always around to help you out. If you are just moving into a new home and you’d like to be sure things are perfectly cleaned, Ocean Blue’s professional carpet cleaning services can take care of you. Maybe you want Ocean Blue to clean the carpets of your old place to get it ready for new tenants; Ocean Blue can do that too! Do you have a new pet in your home that hasn’t quite gotten the hang of housebreaking? Ocean Blue can tackle that carpet cleaning job, too! Even the carpeting on your stairs can be cleaned in no time when you set up an appointment with Ocean Blue!

Carpets aren’t the only thing Ocean Blue Power Wash can help you get clean. We also offer upholstery cleaning Austin TX and rug cleaning. One call to Ocean Blue Power Wash and you will be impressed with just HOW clean your carpets and upholstery can be.

We are reliable, affordable, and extremely detail-oriented. We do not like dirt. While we may not be able to remove every stain or spot, we can certainly improve its condition. Some stains sit too long and there is no way to actually remove them. However, you can call us as soon as you notice that stain. We can help prevent that stain from getting worse. Call us today for your carpet cleaning and let us show you what Ocean Blue Power Wash can really do for you.