Austin Texas Auto Detail

Auto Detail in Austin Texas


When you are driving down the road and you see all of those beautifully cleaned vehicles, do you tend to get a little jealous? Maybe you think of how your car looks. Your vehicle is often the first thing that people see of you. First impressions are everything. It only takes someone 2 seconds to form their first impression of you. Most generally, their first impression makes a lasting impression. That first impression of you will stick with them for a while.

You can change that first impression of you by making sure that your car looks the best that it can look when you arrive. When you call Ocean Blue Power Wash & Auto Detailing, you WILL arrive in style, with a beautifully cleaned car. Don’t be embarrassed because of your vehicle. Call us today for your mobile auto detailing Austin TX.

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Austin Texas Auto Detail

Sure, you can take your automobile to a drive-through automatic car wash. You can hit a few buttons, drive forward up to the conveyor belt, and get pulled into a seemingly endless tunnel of weird brushes and cloth cleaning strips. You can sit there in your vehicle while a glob of rainbow-colored soap is splattered on your car and sloshed around by all those brushes before being blasted away by giant sprayers all around you. When you drive out of the exit and stop with a towel in hand to wipe down your car that is still wet, maybe you stop and think for a second “Is this really the best way to clean my car?”.

So, next time you pull your car out of the garage and into the driveway, you grab a bucket of soapy water and a sponge and start scrubbing. After what seems like forever, you grab the garden hose and start rinsing off the soap. Your car certainly looks clean after all that, but is it really the clean you are looking for? Did the soap get in all the crevices and get out all the built-up dirt? No? That’s okay. That is precisely what we are here for. With our many different Austin Texas car detailing service options, we can give you and your vehicle exactly the type of clean you are looking for. Whether your vehicle needs some attention for the interior, the exterior, or both, we have the Austin TX mobile car detailing package for you! Call us today and set up a time for our team to show you what a true clean really looks like. For car detailing Austin done the right way, give us a call.


Basic Interior

Car $90|Truck $105| SUV $120

– vacuum seats and carpet

– Wipe down plastics, leather, and vinyl

– Clean windows

Basic Wash

Car $70|Truck $80|SUV $90

– Shampoo and condition paint

– Degrease and clean Tires

– Dress tires

– Window cleaning

Basic Bundle

Car $160|Truck $185| SUV $200

Deluxe Interior

Car $110|Truck $125|SUV $140

– Vacuum seats and carpet

– Scrub plastics, leather, and vinyl

– Sanitize and protect all hard surfaces

– Clean door jambs

– Streak-free window cleaning

– Scented air freshener of your choice

Deluxe Wash

Car $90|Truck $100|SUV $110

– Shampoo and condition paint

– Bug removal

– Degrease and clean Tires

– Dress tires

– Clean door jambs

– Nano Wax

Deluxe Bundle

Car $210| Truck $225 | SUV $240

(Shampooing of seats/carpets included)

A La Carte

– Seat and carpet shampooing $60 & up

– Ozone (Odor eliminator/Deodorizer) By EST

– Anti-bacterial mist $20

– Clay bar $150 & up

– Engine cleaning $60


Prices shown are Starting prices and are subject to change depending on how dirty the vehicle is and the distance that must be driven for the appointment! Additional fees for pet hair/fur, and dirt/sand, etc. Vans are $15 more than the Listed SUV prices. 3rd-row seating is an additional $10 to package price. For our repeat customers, we have a monthly Basic Bundle that is a flat rate of 100, no matter if it is a car, truck, or an SUV.