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Auto Detailing in Austin Texas

When you are driving down the road and you see all of those beautifully cleaned vehicles, do you tend to get a little jealous? Maybe you think of how your car looks. Your vehicle is often the first thing that people see of you. First impressions are everything. It only takes someone 2 seconds to form their first impression of you. Most generally, their first impression makes a lasting impression. That first impression of you will stick with them for a while.

You can change that first impression of you by making sure that your car looks the best that it can look when you arrive. When you call Ocean Blue Power Wash & Auto detail, you WILL arrive in style, with a beautifully cleaned car. Don’t be embarrassed because of your vehicle. Call us today for your mobile auto detailing Austin TX.


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Basic Interior

Car $90|Truck $105| SUV $120

– vacuum seats and carpet

– Wipe down plastics, leather, and vinyl

– Clean windows

Basic Wash

Car $70|Truck $80|SUV $90

– Shampoo and condition paint

– Degrease and clean Tires

– Dress tires

– Window cleaning

Basic Bundle

Car $160|Truck $185| SUV $200

Deluxe Interior

Car $110|Truck $125|SUV $140

– Vacuum seats and carpet

– Scrub plastics, leather, and vinyl

– Sanitize and protect all hard surfaces

– Clean door jambs

– Streak-free window cleaning

– Scented air freshener of your choice

Deluxe Wash

Car $90|Truck $100|SUV $110

– Shampoo and condition paint

– Bug removal

– Degrease and clean Tires

– Dress tires

– Clean door jambs

– Nano Wax

Deluxe Bundle

Car $210| Truck $225 | SUV $240

(Shampooing of seats/carpets included)

A La Carte

– Seat and carpet shampooing $60 & up

– Ozone (Odor eliminator/Deodorizer) By EST

– Anti-bacterial mist $20

– Clay bar $150 & up

– Engine cleaning $60


Prices shown are Starting prices and are subject to change depending on how dirty the vehicle is and the distance that must be driven for the appointment! Additional fees for pet hair/fur, and dirt/sand, etc. Vans are $15 more than the Listed SUV prices. 3rd-row seating is an additional $10 to package price. For our repeat customers, we have a monthly Basic Bundle that is a flat rate of 100, no matter if it is a car, truck, or an SUV.

Austin Texas Dumpsters

Are you a homeowner trying to stay in good standing with your neighborhood HOA? One of the things that many homeowners don’t think about when it comes to regular cleanings is their trash cans or dumpsters. You throw the trash in, take it to the curb on trash day, bring it back to its weekly resting place once it’s empty, and repeat. Sometimes, however, those trash bins can be in desperate need of a good cleaning, especially if you are wanting to remain in good standing with the HOA where you live. Ocean Blue Power Wash can help with quality residential trash bin and Austin TX dumpster cleaning services! We even offer options for regular monthly cleanings, so you can be sure you never fall behind on the HOA standards of clean for your home.

Business owners or landlords, no need to worry, Ocean Blue has not forgotten about you. We offer dumpster cleaning services for you as well! Having a dumpster for the apartment complex you run or the building for the business you own is a necessary evil. You need one, that is a given, but they can be unsightly and hard to keep in decent condition. How are you supposed to have a functional dumpster but keep it in decent condition? Ocean Blue Power Wash can help you out with that. Give us a call when you need a good Austin TX dumpster cleaning.

Customers for your business or tenants in your apartments don’t want to see dumpsters that look like they have never been cleaned and they certainly don’t want to smell those dumpsters either. Uncleaned dumpsters that have built up dirt, grime, and who knows what else, don’t put your best foot forward at your business or property. The smell that comes from those uncleaned dumpsters is enough to turn many potential clients or tenants away in seconds. That is extremely bad for business. Instead of risking losing out on business or tenants, give Ocean Blue Power Wash a call today to set up an appointment for your dumpster cleaning Austin TX. We will clean up the mess your dumpsters have found themselves in and chase that garbage dump smell away from your property.

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Carpets Austin Texas

Most of us have at least one room in our home that is carpeted. Many of us only have one or two rooms that AREN’T carpeted. Our cleaning routine for our floors with carpet usually looks something like this: vacuum up the dust and dirt. That’s it. That’s the extent of how many of us “clean” our carpets. Some of us may even buy or rent a personal use carpet cleaner and run that over our floors every once in a while. But is that enough? How clean are our carpets really getting from store-bought carpet cleaners and solutions? Little messes will probably be fine, but sometimes what you really need is a professional Austin Texas carpet cleaning service to get the job done the right way.

We have all found ourselves in need of some professional carpet cleaning Austin Texas. All those times when a cheap, rentable carpet shampooer just isn’t enough. No matter what the reason for needing a pro, Ocean Blue is always around to help you out. If you are just moving into a new home and you’d like to be sure things are perfectly cleaned, Ocean Blue’s professional carpet cleaning services can take care of you. Maybe you want Ocean Blue to clean the carpets of your old place to get it ready for new tenants; Ocean Blue can do that too! Do you have a new pet in your home that hasn’t quite gotten the hang of housebreaking? Ocean Blue can tackle that carpet cleaning job, too! Even the carpeting on your stairs can be cleaned in no time when you set up an appointment with Ocean Blue!

Carpets aren’t the only thing Ocean Blue can help you get clean. We also offer upholstery cleaning Austin and rug cleaning.

Austin Texas Pressure Washing

There are times that we just do not have time to complete all of our tasks, especially those tasks that we only do a couple of times a year, such as washing the outside of our home. An exterior house wash Austin is needed a couple of times a year to clean the dirt, dust, grime, and other contaminants from the outside of your home. Our homes are exposed to the harshest of elements. The roof and exterior bake in the hot Austin sun. With temperatures reaching well over 100 in the summertime, the debris that can accumulate on the exterior of your home will bake on. As this debris is permitted to sit on the exterior of your home, damages can begin to occur.

Bird droppings contain uric acid. This acid can eat through the exterior material of your home, causing weak points that were once able to completely protect your home from outside forces. When these holes form, moisture is permitted to enter your home. In the beginning, the moisture is going to stay within the walls. What happens when moisture is allowed to sit in a dark place? Yep! You guessed it. Mold and mildew are permitted to form. As it starts, you may begin to smell a funky smell that you just cannot put your finger on. As time goes on, this mold and mildew will fester and grow. Soon, the mold and mildew will begin to eat through the wood part of the frame of your home.

When you call Ocean Blue Power Wash, you are calling on the best pressure washing Austin TX. We will come out and show you where we can help you protect your home. We will gently, yet efficiently, clean the exterior of your home and help remove the contaminants that will destroy the exterior of your home.

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Fences and Decks Austin Texas

Do you have a wooden fence that looks like it has been there since the 1920s and has never been cleaned? It is actually a common issue. Wood that is put outside for decorations, such as fences and decks needs some TLC also. Just like the exterior of your home is being bombarded by uncontrollable forces, your fences and decks are as well. Wood for fences are treated and oftentimes coated in paint or stain. This paint or stain is designed to provide some protection against the harsh elements of the environment, however, did you know that you should repaint or restain your wood every 2 to 3 years?

Paint and stain for the exterior only protect your wood for a short period of time. This can be lessened by things such as the hot Austin sun. When you have Ocean Blue come out, as we are cleaning, we will remove some of the contaminants that will decrease the longevity of your structures.

When it looks like your Austin TX Fence and or deck needs some attention, give us a call. Our Austin TX Deck Cleaning specialists will come out and bring revitalization back to your deck or fence. You do not need to spend hours on a sunny Saturday afternoon cleaning your deck! We will take care of it for you.